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Wanted: (Just a Few) Great Clients

We work with companies of all sizes, including large Fortune 500 companies that have the desire and resources to make changes at scale, but we also enjoy working with startups that see things differently and have the passion and acumen to realize their vision, even with limited resources. 

Being small has its benefits; we can be picky about who we work with and the kinds of clients we take on. That said, we find what is most important is trust between Airline and our clients and a shared desire to create the absolutely best product possible.

Large and small clients with big ambitions

Large and small clients with big ambitions

In the first two years, our clients have been split roughly 50/50 between Japan and the U.S. Our main studio is in Tokyo, but Paul divides his time between the two countries. Having a globally distributed team means we can support projects in any region. And our name Airline means that when we need to, we come to you. At our base in Tokyo, we love to host visiting clients in this inspiring city.

Product Focus

Product Focus

We tailor our process according to each unique problem and category of work. Our work spans hardware, software and environments. We are comfortable working on products within each of these domains and when given the opportunity to work across, we strive to create a “product experience” in which each of these parts is orchestrated together as a single experience.

Our process begins with the Discovery phase: understanding the intended product users and the problems we are trying to solve. Each project requires a different approach. Our process may involve user research, competitive product trials and tear downs, stakeholder interviews and time for us to simply become familiar with the category and usage scenarios.

We develop concepts built around our insights from the Discovery phase. With the client we refine the concepts toward a single direction and then iterate until we get a design we all agree is market ready. That process involves multiple stage gates, with user validation and input from domain experts in engineering, manufacturing and marketing.

Curious generalists

Curious generalists

We don’t limit ourselves to specific categories or domains. We are interested and curious on how to bring our experience from one project to another.

If pressed on our specific interests based on past work and personal passions, we might focus on these areas:

Consumer goods: Kitchen appliances, connected devices and non-connected home goods.

Sport, fitness and wellness: Rethinking and improving existing equipment and accessories, fitness and wellness tracking apps, and fitness apparel.

Transportation futures: Allowing us to rethink transportation modalities, services and the design of the cities that we move around in.

The category of new: We are very interested in working on 1.0 products in new emerging categories. Recently we have done work in robotics, home assistants and retail architecture where we are asked to examine the present and project deep into the future new products and services.

We are always open to hearing about your project and understand if we can bring something to its success. If we don’t think your project is a good fit for Airline, we will be happy to point you to one of our friends or partners who can better help you.