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FanForward Ticketing Application

Event ticketing technology in Japan lags behind other markets. FanForward’s solution gives teams the ability to bring secure digital tickets to their fans. The system works on the back of existing ticket infrastructure and also creates a team-sanctioned ticket exchange platform for season ticket holders and fans. Another novel feature of the app experience is the ability to pre-purchase food and memorabilia from concession stands, making purchases quick and easy.

Tickets with super powers.

Tickets with super powers.

The app creates a secure digital ticket that also has the ability to pre-purchase goods from concession stands in the stadium. This saves time for the fans when they got to pickup their food. Also encourages the easy purchase of food and drinks for the family without worrying about who and how to pay inside the stadium.

Fans with tickets who want to sell or upgrade their tickets can use the team-sanctioned marketplace, something new to the Japanese market.