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Work at Airline

Designers at Airline are curious, fearless and embrace change. Our clients are diverse and our need is for team members who can pivot between projects, platforms, tools and domains. You bring to Airline strong design craft: composition, form, typography, color, illustration. Your work has purpose. You have mastery of at least one of these tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch (highly preferred) or the 3D tool of your choice . Plus you should have have fluency in the others. You can contribute beyond the confines of your computer.  Your ideas are stories that you rationalize with “the why, the what and the how”. You listen to users with empathy and make actionable insights from those conversations. With clients, you work to understand their needs and your professionalism instills confidence. Plus, you know how to use an Exacto and fashion a prototype out of things you find in the office garbage if you need to. We work very fast and there are opportunities to do many things. You also must be able to take direction and desire to learn and be part of a highly productive team. Both Japanese and English are spoken in the studio.

You should have a beautiful web or PDF portfolio to share with us.

UX Designer

A graphic design, art, architecture or UX degree and 2+ years experience is required. Experience creating design language systems that can be extended across apps of varying platforms is desired. Mobile and Desktop application design experience from concept to detail design is required. You should have experience architecting an app and documenting the design in wireframes, specifications, design libraries and/or simulations. The ability to create quick interaction prototypes in the tool of your choice is highly desired. Xcode and Japanese language skills are a big bonus.

Product Designer

You should have a degree in Industrial design and strong sketching and 3D skills. 2+ years professional experience is highly desired. A talented recent graduate will be considered. You should understand CMF design and be able to make CMF recommendations and collaborate with external CMF designers.  You must be able to work fast creating new designs and realizing concepts created by others on the team. You should have a good understanding and appreciation of UX design as at times you will be asked to contribute on UX projects. In addition, should have a good knowledge of 3D printing and 3D printers as you will be responsible for maintaining our small model shop. You will need good communication skills and organization skills and be responsible for coordinate with external vendors to make appearance models and prototypes. Fluency in Japanese and English is highly desired.


We have two 4-month paid internship opportunities available.  Interns are selected by portfolios that wow us and a desire to jump in, be part of a team and learn. Interns are plugged right into projects and given the chance to contribute from the time they start. Interns are not required to make the coffee unless you are really good at it and want to. At the end of the internship if you like us and we like you there is a good chance we will ask you to stay.


A bit about our culture.

We are new and small so we won’t pretend we have an established culture, but we can share a few of our values that guide how we conduct ourselves. We consciously picked Shimokita for our office because we wanted to be in an area that feels local, authentic, creative and full of life as opposed to a financial area or retail district. Our office is cozy but the kind of place where you want to spend time, thinking and making. We work hard but don’t run a “black company”. You get your job done and leave. No need to play heroics and be last one here at the end of the day. Sure we work late sometimes but when we do we take care of dinner and try to make as little impact on your personal life. And we want you to have a life; when you come to the studio on Monday morning we want to hear about what an awesome weekend you had in this great city or with your family because we intend to tell you about ours. We take inspiration from the things we do away from the computer and the studio. Everybody gets to play DJ in the studio and we have a kitchen and foresee making and sharing our favorite foods. Not that we need to cook, outside our door is an amazing array of inexpensive curry, ramen, Thai and good coffee. Shimokita is isogashi on the weekends but during the week it is very calm and accessible.

We are really picky about the individuals we hire as we work in close-quarters and as a team. Designers with big egos, inability to take direction and collaborate are not a good fit. You will get the opportunity to do things you have never done before because Airline intends to do things never done before with our clients. You are joining an experienced leadership team and your potential for growth within the company is high. You will be rewarded with additional opportunities, compensation, and recognition accordingly!